Frequently Asked Questions

First you need to be friends on the Oculus platform. Only then, you will find them on the “Friends” board at the left of the menu. Grab the piece of the player, set up the game and send them an invitation.

They are friends who are not playing Chess Club right now.

They are friends who are playing a game either with another player or with the AI so you can’t send them an invitation to play with them.

All games are asynchronous, so that means the game stops the timer when a player is out. Both players can resume the game at any time by joining again.

Go to the Game in Progress piece at the left of the main board. If you are playing against the AI, enter the game and surrender. In multiplayer you will have to wait your turn to surrender.

Casual matches don’t count for your global ranking while Rated matches do. All types of matches give you experience points that will count towards your profile progress in Chess Club.

It is the indicator that shows your chess skill level. Every player starts with 1500 points and it is readjusted every time you finish a ranked game with another player. If you want to know more, it is based on the Glicko2 algorithm (, much more modern and fair than the traditional ELO system.

For your convenience Chess Club keeps your game history in the cloud, so if you delete the game or buy a new headset you can access your history as if nothing happened.

Since in chess the time rules have a great influence on the style of play, it doesn’t seem appropriate to mix rankings for games of different types. There are players who are very good at rapid chess and others who are better at traditional chess.

Every time you play, Chess Club gives you experience points. The more you play Chess Club, the more experience points you get to show off your seniority.

No, every set piece is attached to one environment, so Staunton pieces are displayed in Grand Palace and Fantasy pieces are displayed in Stonehenge.

It isn’t possible to speed up animations in Stonehenge right now, but we will add options to accelerate animations in future updates.

No, both clocks stop until the animation is finished.

Make sure you are in a well-lit environment. Make sure there is no direct sunlight on your headset, hands or your immediate environment. Use 3 fingers to pick up the pieces, thumb, index and middle finger.